• How do I request a custom piece / commission?

    I usually open my commissions every 2-3 months (subject to change). Early access announcements are sent in my monthly newsletter, and later announced on Instagram!

    You can also see if my commissions are open by viewing the commission form here: Click here. ✽

  • Can I frame your artwork?

    Absolutely! I actually have a tutorial on this. ★

    You can check it out on Instagram here, or on TikTok here.

  • I live in Victoria! Is it possible to pick up a purchase from Angela’s studio?

    Absolutely! When purchasing through my website, you will receive two options at checkout for delivery:

    1. Ship
    2. Pick-up

    If you select the pick-up option, you will be provided with the pick-up location details and I will be in touch when your order is ready!

  • Are you accepting new tattoo clients? How do I book with you? 

    My books open periodically throughout the year. I always announce books opening on my Instagram accounts here: @milk_thistlee, and @tatty_buster. Early access announcements are sent in my monthly newsletter as well.

    You can also see if books are open by clicking on my booking form here: Click here. ✽

Have another question that you don't see addressed above?

Contact us directly using the contact form here.★